Narrative Abstraction

Françoise La Haye

9th June – 9th July

Vernissage: Thursday 8th June 17h30 > 21h00

Like an improbable calculation, I scramble my canvas, mathematical hypotheses run away from me, erasures and superpostitions add up. I see blurred colours, casts, subjects, the emergence of an image in progress.

The theme is almost nothing, the random, the ever changing, the accident, a shadow, the wind, a fragment, the relic, the fading out, corrections.

Painting starts with emotion in relation to one or two colours, joined to an idea of instability or change.

I paint colourful spaces, as fluid as whitewash on my canvas spread on the floor with a soft brush.

My painting is not abstract but perhaps it is not without traces of narration.

It takes its own path, a reflection of life itself, carrying as many mishaps as the willingness to do well.

Françoise La Haye, April 2017