Inspiring Culture is happy to announce the opening of the exhibition, Waiting for Spring or The Dream of a New Life. Lovingly concocted, the exhibition is the first solo show in Brussels of the highly celebrated Estonian artist Tiiu Kirsipuu. In order to produce the works for this exhibition, Kirsipuu transformed herself into a dreamer and a musician. She took her time to create and imagine the renewal of our wondrous planet. Mixing spirituality and elements taken from daily life, the works respond to each other in a beautiful and naturally harmonious ensemble.

The works in Waiting For Spring are inspired by nature and are drawn from the artist’s extensive travels around the world. With her installations and sculptures, Kirsipuu speaks in a low voice about the fight for survival of nature, animals and people, against the harsh winter and its loss of light. She takes us on a journey of initiation into the works themselves, whether they are lived or dreamed.

Whether it’s the migration of the birds, the colour of the changing trees or the gradual changing of the seasons, Kirsipuu creates works that focuses attention on the small changes in nature that are continuously happening around us. Sculptures become visual reminders, urging viewers to look again at the gradual shifts that signify the changing of the seasons.

These markers, such as the migration of the birds, or the subtle developments in the next rice harvest, often go unnoticed in a world in which less attention is paid to contemplative reflection. The renewal of this knowledge has the potential to help us to learn and document the changes occurring in the world now.

Born in Estonia, Kirsipuu began to make sculptures after graduating from The Estonian Art Institute in 1983. She has attended and organised sculpture symposia around the world and is Associate Professor of Sculpture at Tallinn University. Kirsipuu has received several awards for her work and has been selected for many high profile international sculpture competitions. Kirsipuu lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.