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Lockdown Journeys – Recipes from around the world

With Coronavirus cancelling all plans for travel and cultural events, Pick Keobandith, locked down at home in Brussels, decided to tour the world from her kitchen by means of culinary exploration, on a voyage that lasted from March to early August 2020. Each meal became an opportunity to visit a new location and reflect on the people she has met and the cultural places she has visited over the years, as an art historian, gallerist and expert in art and cultural diplomacy.

Sharing her finds on social media, she received such enthusiastic feedback from her friends that she decided to take the concept further and write a book.

‘Lockdown Journeys – Recipes from around the world’ is a personal story that shows art, culture, friendship and food uniting people in every continent.

Pick Keobandith invites you to unleash your imagination and curiosity, and embark on a journey around the globe in the cosy confines of your kitchen.